Virtual assistant services for designers

I help creatives achieve deep work by reducing the decision fatigue and attention residue that come from task switching and lack of focus.

Amy Lamp Virtual Assistant for Designers

Increase focus and rediscover harmony in your work

I assist independent designers with project administration so they can focus on high value work. Since earning my degree in graphic design more than twenty years ago, I’ve used my problem-solving skills both for clients and as an entrepreneur. Three core areas I’ve focused on are developing effective communication skills, improving productivity, and providing thoughtful customer experiences.

I believe in blending structure with flexibility — to be reliable, clear, and methodical while retaining the agility to respond to the needs and workflows of my clients.

time recovery

Bring structure to your tasks and improve time management

fill your creative well

Improve your mental capacity for creativity

email relief

Processing and clarification of client emails

business sitting

Peace of mind while you’re on vacation (like house sitting)

Working with a virtual assistant

The two primary types of work a virtual assistant can help with are recurring tasks that happen on a daily or weekly basis, and project-based tasks that are performed once and then considered completed. Your needs and budget will shape what this looks like. Because my approach is to balance structure with flexibility, regular check-ins allow us to adjust the working relationship and specific tasks as we learn more about what will help you reach your goals.

Services overview

  • Project administration such as creating and prioritizing tasks, clarifying client feedback into actionable tasks, following up with clients, and organizing digital files
  • Virtual meeting preparation, facilitation, and minutes
  • Proofreading deliverables, proposals, and other documents
  • Setting up systems in the Asana project management app
  • Organizing the standard operating procedures of your business for greater efficiency and effectiveness
  • Researching solutions to project questions or obstacles
  • Compiling research or client-provided materials into PDFs for visual clarity

Rate: $35/hour

Client testimonial

“Working with Amy has been such a wonderful experience. I was feeling overwhelmed with juggling multiple clients, handling an overflowing email inbox, and organizing my tasks, which left me with little time (and not the best headspace) to focus my time on what I’m really supposed to be doing — strategic design and problem solving. 

With Amy, I feel like she’s the perfect balance between an administrative virtual assistant and a project manager. She has turned out to be the secret weapon I needed. She shows keen attention to detail and is incredibly efficient.

Since Amy comes from a design background herself, she’s able to ask the right questions and knows what I need from my clients. She presents herself as a collaborator, not a gatekeeper to my clients.

I find that I’m able to dedicate larger blocks of my time to actually designing and concentrating on the strategic parts of my works without constant distraction. My productivity has significantly increased. 

I’m so happy to have Amy as part of my team – it’s been a game changer.”

Niki Blaker, Owner + Design Strategist at Five Sigma Studio


My education and career as a graphic designer have provided more than twenty years of experience in project management and communication. I understand what proactive steps I can take to help designers as a VA. This design thinking background has also allowed me to anticipate what designers need to do their best work — I can easily put myself in your shoes because I’ve been there myself.  

Amy Lamp

After about sixteen years in the field, I stepped back to take a career break, reconnect with hobbies, and explore what really mattered to me. I discovered that I bring my methodical and structured nature into whatever I get involved in! My baking hobby turned into a blog, which turned into a book. And reigniting my sewing interest led to a business designing and making dog accessories. More recently I jumped into fine art, taking courses in oil painting. 

At the core of it all has been my passion for continuous improvement. I’m always seeking ways to work together better and improve systems or processes. Being able to channel that energy into virtual assistant services is incredibly gratifying.

I live near Raleigh, North Carolina, with my husband and two dogs. We enjoy spending time in nature and exploring all the beauty this state has to offer (although I’m a total homebody, and feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by lots of trees right here at home). I enjoy baking, reading, taking online courses in a variety of subjects, and jammin’ on my planner.


If you’re ready to stop doing all the things in your design business, email me at or fill out the form below so we can discuss how teaming with a VA can help you reach your goals.