Handcrafted Christmas gifts 2018

pencil pouch in navy blue waxed canvas with jeans gold topstitching and leather trim

I've been in the process of shifting my business Oxford Dogma from hand sewn products to artwork, including custom pet portraits. One of my goals with this change is to put sewing back on my hobbies list to do for enjoyment instead of for income. This got me totally enthusiastic to sew Christmas gifts again!… Continue reading Handcrafted Christmas gifts 2018

Zippered battery pouch: like a fanny pack, but sleeker

from Instagram: I had fun making this custom project for my neighbor. He loves location-based gaming and needed a slim, belted pouch to hold his @anker_official portable charger. Like a fanny pack, but not so fanny pack-like 😛 My new machine sewed the ballistic nylon fabric like a dream ❤️ http://ift.tt/2qALODk

DIY waxed canvas shave kit workshop for makers

shave kit for TechShop workshop

The fourth project in a workshop series I'm teaching at TechShop Chandler is for a waxed canvas shaving kit. It's such a cool and functional project, and my first time working with fabric wax. This project expands on the skills learned in previous classes for the lined drawstring bag, denim tool roll, and simple zipper pouch.… Continue reading DIY waxed canvas shave kit workshop for makers

Simple zipper pouch sample for upcoming workshop

learn to sew a simple zipper pouch workshop

When you learn how to install a zipper, it opens up lots of new project options. And when you sew a zipper pouch, you'll want to sew many more. Or at least I did! I'm teaching a workshop at TechShop Chandler on June 1 so more people can learn to sew this versatile project. Students… Continue reading Simple zipper pouch sample for upcoming workshop

Handmade Christmas gifts 2015

quick and cool grocery tote

Clockwise from large picture on left: Great Big Tote, Home and Away Cable Cozy, Quick and Cool Grocery Tote, Zippy Wallet For this year's Christmas presents, I wanted to do some sewing, something that fit each recipient's personal style and interests. Both my parents and my husband's parents like to travel, so for the guys… Continue reading Handmade Christmas gifts 2015