A new painting challenge: 3-A-Week

8x10 study in values When a series of commissions and design projects came up toward the end of summer (including a Basset Hound portrait), I took a little sabbatical from landscape painting. I found that these projects left me mentally and creatively drained, and trying to cram in painting would have felt like a chore.… Continue reading A new painting challenge: 3-A-Week

Limited palette color study

"Early Summer Serenity", 8x10.5, oil on canvas panelAfter a couple of weeks away from my easel, I was itching to get some painting in today. I've been doing more sketching and working on engaging my right brain during the process, which makes me enjoy it much more. My favorite way to sketch these days is… Continue reading Limited palette color study

Limited palette color mixing study

Limited palette color study, 5 1/2 x 7, oil on canvas A couple of months ago I purchased one of Barbara Jaenicke's excellent monthly lessons that was about color mixing for oils. It also included color palette selection for soft pastels which was great because I could see her thought process on both mediums as… Continue reading Limited palette color mixing study

Peaceful plein air morning

Fishing spot at Falls LakeDespite a rocky start (forgetting my brushes and struggling to map the values and shapes of this scene) I eventually got into a groove and really enjoyed my time painting at the lake. The turnoff I chose today is designated as a fishing spot, and yesterday when I drove by there… Continue reading Peaceful plein air morning

Day 8 of notans

Notan sketches of trees reflecting into a pondToday was a good example of where my preconceived notions about the subject held me back from really exploring compositional directions. I thought I wanted it to be about the way those three shrub shapes broke up the light land shape and created a varied reflection in the… Continue reading Day 8 of notans