Still life study of pears

pears study for SV Intro to Oil Painting lesson - featured

Recently when I bought a group of Sadie Valeri's video lessons, I went ahead and purchased her Introduction to Oil Painting video. Even thought I'm not a total beginner, it seemed like a good way to ease into her oil painting instruction. I'm really happy I got it! Even thought I've been painting with oils… Continue reading Still life study of pears

Simple mandarin orange still life painting

oil painting of mandarin orange Mar 15 2020 - featured

Every time I took one of these mandarin oranges out of the bag to eat, I had the thought that I'd love to paint one of them. Since this was the last one in the bag, today was the day to make it happen! Mandarin, 8 x 10, oil on linen panel I've been studying… Continue reading Simple mandarin orange still life painting

Value to color studies of apple still life

Still life study in values, color temperature, and brushworkStudy topicsValue study from still life; color study based on value study; lost edges; mark-making; color temperatureProcess notesSet up two green apples with colored papers near a window with afternoon sunlight. Painted a 7-value black and white study (5 main grey values plus black and white for… Continue reading Value to color studies of apple still life

“Twisted Twenties” exercise

The bottom two were timed at 20 minutes each, and the top two weren't timed (I'd guess about 30–40 minutes each)Study topics"Twisted Twenties" exercise from Sarah Sedwick (three-color palette, quick studies, simple subject)Process notesSet up the first three subjects near a window but no direct light, and the last one with a direct light. Rotated… Continue reading “Twisted Twenties” exercise

Ten-minute apples challenge

Ten-minute apples (minus the upper left)Study topicsTen-minute apples exercise from Daily Painting by Carol Marine — Painting from life; color mixing; time limit; simplified brush strokesProcess notesDivided an 11x14 sheet into 12 units and toned it with a warm mid-tone color. This sheet was a poster board that had two layers of acrylic gesso, lightly… Continue reading Ten-minute apples challenge