Daily art – coffee with whipped cream and caramel

from Instagram: The final exercise in the @mariyakey coffee illustration class. I can practically taste the drizzles of caramel and whipped cream! #skillshare #watercolor #watercolorsketch #inkandwatercolor #pittpens #pendrawing #illustration http://ift.tt/2iCARcN

Lettering Layouts class

You had to have the big salad final layout

When I started taking Skillshare classes over the summer, I quickly fell in love with Teela Cunningham's classes. She has a knack for breaking down cool and trendy techniques into steps that make sense. I've seen great hand-lettered layouts for awhile now, like with those chalkboard lettering walls, art prints, or tees. But I never understood how… Continue reading Lettering Layouts class

Watercolor Textures class

Watercolor Texture class - set 1

Another fantastic class from Ana Victoria Calderón. Her Watercolor Textures class on Skillshare introduced me to painting textures and patterns with watercolor, something that hadn't occurred to me before. She demonstrates how to get started making texture swatches and choosing a color palette before moving on to a final project. The texture stage was addicting for me! I kept discovering new… Continue reading Watercolor Textures class

Modern Watercolor Techniques class

Modern Watercolor Techniques - underwater scene

When I signed up for Ana Victoria Calderón's Skillshare class Modern Watercolor Techniques: Beginner's Level, I honestly didn't expect it to be so much fun! I figured I'd be getting some intro to watercolor techniques, but she took it way beyond those basics. The class starts with good watercolor fundamentals, like how to become familiar with your… Continue reading Modern Watercolor Techniques class

Art practice challenge: starting with a shape

Start with a Shape - pink and brown squares

I highly recommend Amarilys Henderson's Skillshare class Start with a Shape - An Illustration Challenge for anyone who's feeling stuck, or doesn't know what to draw/paint. She walks through why this illustration challenge is a helpful activity, basic shapes to try, and four ways to approach illustrating with your shape. It's so much fun! And challenging, too.… Continue reading Art practice challenge: starting with a shape