Piecy serger cover

Awhile back I accidentally ripped the plastic slip cover for my serger in half, and have been meaning to sew a new one. I just took my sewing machine in the shop for a tune-up, leaving me pining away for its return. I filled the void by finally making my poor coverless serger a new… Continue reading Piecy serger cover

Sewing Station Bin

final sewing station bin

As I spend more time at my sewing machine, I'm noticing lots of ways I can improve the space. The first step was a thread rack to get those guys off the table and out of the way. Next up is a bin to hold thread clippings and small tools that get used often. I… Continue reading Sewing Station Bin

DIY spool and bobbin rack for thread

thread spool and bobbin rack

My thread and bobbins have been sitting on my work table for awhile now, and every time I bump them they go clanging all over the place. I don't have a ton of thread spools, but there are enough that it's become cumbersome to just have them sitting out. I didn't feel like buying a… Continue reading DIY spool and bobbin rack for thread

Fabric cutting and ironing station (Ikea Hack)

finished table with cutting and ironing tools

I've been reading lots of sewing books lately, and one common theme is to have a cutting station that's counter-height to ease back strain. This makes sense -- my back has been pretty achy from leaning over my desk to cut fabric. And my ironing board is rather wobbly and really un-fun to use, so I wanted… Continue reading Fabric cutting and ironing station (Ikea Hack)