Whole grain sandwich bread made with soaked wheat flour

from Instagram: Soaked wheat bread experiment -> successful 😁 The long soak softened the bran in the flour and made the gluten in the flour develop like crazy. The final texture is soft, and chewier than my typical recipe. I’m wishing I hadn’t filled up on that giant bagel at lunch! http://ift.tt/2wHZIXo

Tender, airy bread is totally possible with your kitchen grain mill flour

from Instagram: The baker gets dibs on the first slice at my house – fresh out of the oven with a little pat of salted butter ❤
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I’m writing a whole grain baking book!

Basically it’s the guide I wish I’d had when I bought my Komo Classic grain mill. My hope for this book is to take you from being a baker with big questions and hesitation about your freshly-milled whole wheat flour to an enthusiastic, confident baker who can’t wait for an opportunity to bake fresh, nutritious, delicious goodies. It will include yeasted recipes like breads + sweet recipes like quick breads, cookies, and cakes.

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