Redwood Forest ink drawing with lettering

Redwood forest flora drawing practice

This drawing is inspired by a laurel wreath and the flora of the Redwood forest where we vacationed. The top half is a grouping of coniferous things, found higher in the trees, and the bottom half is ferns, flowers, and berries found lower to the ground. Tools Micron pen Paper Mate Flair color felt tip pen

all over ink pattern with Redwood forest flora

All-over pattern ink drawing of Redwood flora

During our summer vacation, I made a collection of drawings inspired by the flora around our rental cabin in the northern California Redwood forest. So, inspired by the all-over pattern project from the Skillshare class Drawing pens: make it simple, I drew my own version since the first time I mimicked the instructor’s version. Tools Micron pen Rapidograph pen filled with india ink Paper Mate Flair colored felt tip pens

Hand lettered house in the woods 5

House in the woods lettering project

This year our summer vacation was in a cabin in the Redwoods of northern California. We chose the spot because it’s remote and off the grid, which gave us lots of time to dream about building our own home in the woods some day. I took the opportunity for quiet time without TV or internet to work on my lettering and drawing skills. Talking about our home in the woods inspired me to letter the phrase “house in the woods” and see how I could experiment with different styles and compositions. Tools Pentel Sign pen Paper Mate Flair colored pens Pentel…