Hand lettered Seinfeld quote - no soup for you

Hand-lettered Seinfeld Chronicles: no soup for you

To continue my hand lettering practice, I drew this Seinfeld quote, “No soup for you”, with a combination of bounce letters and sans serif brush-style lettering. I experimented with color, composition, and different styles for different words of the phrase. Season 7, episode 6 “The Soup Nazi” Tools Crayola broad line markers Paper Mate Flair pens

hand lettering of Serenity Now quote from Seinfeld

Hand-lettered Seinfeld Chronicles: serenity now

I’m practicing my hand lettering and decided to do a series of quotes from Seinfeld because it’s my favorite show ever, and it’s a funny juxtaposition. In the show, “serenity now” isn’t actually said from a place of serenity… Season 9, episode 3 “The Serenity Now” Tools 05 Micron pen