Sneak peak at a new cat toy

When my husband's mom saw pictures of the Pocket Critter interactive dog toy, she suggested I make a smaller cat version so she could put catnip in the pocket. Smart thinking! I made one as an experiment and liked it so much that it immediately went on my to-do list for Crafeteria 2015 prep. This new… Continue reading Sneak peak at a new cat toy

The Pocket Critter Interactive Dog Toy

The best thing about making the Pocket Critter is how delightful it is to watch dogs play with it and work to get the treats out of the pocket. It's not just the dog that's having fun -- we humans get to have fun, too! With this soft, interactive dog toy, I wanted to put… Continue reading The Pocket Critter Interactive Dog Toy

Making the Pocket Critter Interactive Dog Toy

When I set out to design the Pocket Critter Toy, I zeroed in on creating something that would give dogs a mental challenge -- a problem to solve -- in order to get a treat. Rather than handing a dog a biscuit for sitting, with this toy the dog would have to nose around until… Continue reading Making the Pocket Critter Interactive Dog Toy