Peaceful plein air morning

Fishing spot at Falls LakeDespite a rocky start (forgetting my brushes and struggling to map the values and shapes of this scene) I eventually got into a groove and really enjoyed my time painting at the lake. The turnoff I chose today is designated as a fishing spot, and yesterday when I drove by there… Continue reading Peaceful plein air morning

What heat advisory?

Painting outdoors at the Durant Nature Preserve pondI was all set to spend a few full days painting outdoors, but the weather isn't cooperating. So I'm shooting for a few quick morning outings instead. I wish I'd picked a closer spot this morning because it took about 25 minutes just to get to the location,… Continue reading What heat advisory?

Energized by a morning plein air session

Great view at E. Carroll Joyner Park in Wake ForestThe afternoons have gotten really hot and steamy in my area, so getting outside to paint early in the day is a priority for me. Evenings could work, but I've found it tricky to time that well with the setting sun. In the morning the heat… Continue reading Energized by a morning plein air session

Front yard value study

Black and white oil study painted outdoorsI went outside this morning to do a value study of the magnolia bush in our front yard. This bush is probably my favorite plant out front because this time of year it bursts into white blossoms and smells amazing.My scene for this studyWhen I positioned myself in the… Continue reading Front yard value study