Custom Basset Hound portrait

Hunk the Basset Hound custom hand drawn portrait - featured

"Hunk" 8x10 colored pencil, watercolor, and gouache on watercolor paper I had a few projects come up toward the end of the summer that kept be really busy with non-landscape painting — including this custom portrait drawing of Hunk the Basset Hound. I fell head-over-heels for Hunk! The way his mom described his personality as… Continue reading Custom Basset Hound portrait

Dog portrait drawing of Sparky the playful Australian Shepherd-Border Collie mix

I got a nice surprise when Meredith reached out to me to see if I'd like to work on a portrait of her dad's dog. She loved the one her husband had commissioned me to do of their own dog, Ross, and wanted to give her dad the portrait for his upcoming birthday. Sparky is… Continue reading Dog portrait drawing of Sparky the playful Australian Shepherd-Border Collie mix

Tribute to our special cat

Last July, not long after moving to North Carolina, a stylist from Country Living Magazine reached out to me on Etsy. She was looking for unique items for a special pet feature they were creating for the October 2018 issue and was interested in working with me to secure one of my hand drawn custom… Continue reading Tribute to our special cat

Oil portrait of my favorite Morkie

Sometimes when I really want to do a good job with something, I can put off starting it to avoid potential failure. This is something I've been actively working through on this blog and with the assignments I give myself. I am aware mentally that failure is a perfectly OK outcome — especially with something… Continue reading Oil portrait of my favorite Morkie

Changes to Oxford Dogma

Pivot: embracing growth, adaptation, and change In 2015 when I created Oxford Dogma, I was focused on designing and sewing accessories for dogs rooted in classic style and that solved problems for dog parents. It has been a remarkable experience for me! Getting to know people through a mutual love of our dogs is wonderful… Continue reading Changes to Oxford Dogma