Graphite drawing of a little piggy

In addition to Dianne Mize's video lesson 4 Steps to Skillful Drawing, I purchased her lesson Understanding Shadows. My goal is to get much more adept at locating the areas of a subject that are in shadow. This lesson did a pretty good job of providing direction there, but an even better job at explaining… Continue reading Graphite drawing of a little piggy

Brushing up on drawing skills

During the process of relocating to North Carolina, I let my drawing skills get rusty. And it's been bugging me so much! I finally decided to buy¬†4 Steps to Skillful Drawing, a video course by Dianne Mize, to help me brush up on my skills. I also figured she's so full of knowledge about painting… Continue reading Brushing up on drawing skills

Another bird sketch warmup

For these bird figurine block-ins, I'm really trying to find that terminator line for the shadow areas. It can be hard for me to distinguish on more complex subjects and I'm hoping some regular practice will get me more familiar with finding it. I love how dramatic this little bird looks lit like this. When… Continue reading Another bird sketch warmup

Bird sketch warmup

This week I've been painting almost every day, working on some acrylic painting exercises. I also did some sketching as warm-up/good practice so I set up some boxes (we have plenty of moving boxes around after all) as a still life shadow box. I put a direct light on my little bird figurine and worked… Continue reading Bird sketch warmup

Oak leaf sketch

On our journey east to Raleigh, we camped in our travel trailer along the way. When we arrived in the Raleigh area and waited for our closing date on our house, we stayed at Holly Point Campground. It's a beautiful campground! And only 5 miles from the new house. On one of my walks I… Continue reading Oak leaf sketch