ink and watercolor wash - box of colorful macarons

Painting highlights with watercolors

I’m working on finding a good balance of painted areas and unpainted areas with my ink and watercolor sketches. It’s becoming more clear that in order to achieve a sketch that has a fresh and spontaneous quality to it, it takes more white areas than what strictly looks like a highlight. With this box of macarons drawn from a photo, I kept the bright areas of the macarons unpainted. The liner in the box that they’re packaged in got a very light wash of color in the bright areas. Another skill I’m working on improving is the shape of color the brush lays…

little ink and watercolor sketches of potted succulents

Sketches of potted succulents

During my daily drawing practice I discovered how fun it is draw little sketches of potted succulents, especially with a dip pen. I like using this subject as a way to explore hatching with the dip pen. It has a really satisfying scratching quality on the paper. Adding quick watercolor washes to these little sketches helps them look more fun and colorful. Tools dip pen with 512 Speedball nib India ink watercolors

illustrated recipe - Rosemary Roasted Potatoes

Illustrated recipe: Rosemary Roasted Potatoes

The idea of illustrating a recipe is fascinating to me. It’s such a cool combination of art and design — drawing and painting ingredients + typography and layout of the details and instructions. It took me awhile to actually take the plunge and draw a recipe…but one day when I was making Rosemary Roasted Potatoes it seemed like the perfect opportunity. My goal was to make the illustration fairly quickly, without obsessing over details or layout. The crazy shape of the frame came about because I was drawing around a previous drawing in my sketchbook. I love making little shadows under objects, especially with…

Sketching the Everyday craftsy course with Paul Heaston - hatched driving moc

Sketchbooks: Drawing the Everyday class

Once I realized I was most interested in the process of sketching and painting I signed up for a few Craftsy classes on the topic. Although I was itching to watch them all at once, picking just one to start seemed more prudent. So I started off with Sketchbooks: Drawing the Everyday with Paul Heaston. Paul is a master at drawing with ink (his hatching is really special), and he’s an excellent teacher as well. This course was so good for learning basic things to consider when starting to draw. Many of the things covered were familiar to me from college art classes, but…