A different pattern every day for #The100DayProject

I'm a sucker for daily challenges to help build a creative habit. So a summertime Creativebug binge inspired me to start a theme for The 100 Day Project. I initially resisted, thinking it would become an overwhelming chore rather than quick and fun. But when Courtney Cerruti explained that her own daily project was to… Continue reading A different pattern every day for #The100DayProject

Watercolor Textures class

Watercolor Texture class - set 1

Another fantastic class from Ana Victoria Calderón. Her Watercolor Textures class on Skillshare introduced me to painting textures and patterns with watercolor, something that hadn't occurred to me before. She demonstrates how to get started making texture swatches and choosing a color palette before moving on to a final project. The texture stage was addicting for me! I kept discovering new… Continue reading Watercolor Textures class