Color mixing greens, mauves, and secondaries

I'm having so much fun getting familiar with my new oil paint colors and seeing what kind of colors I can mix with them. My basic charts gave me a sense of how they relate to each other in several ways, and I wanted to take that further by doing some color mixing. My goal… Continue reading Color mixing greens, mauves, and secondaries

Charting my oil colors

I recently added several new colors to my oil palette, and to get familiar with them and how they fit in with my other colors I did a few fun and enlightening exercises.First I charted my colors using a tip by Dianne Mize (shown below), and once I had all of those colors out on my… Continue reading Charting my oil colors

Study in composing values #4

As my final study in the lesson I've been following on composing values, I wanted to choose a reference photo in the same vein (yellow-orange flower) but different style of composition. In the photo I selected, I really liked the background. But in my painted study, I felt like it was too busy and used… Continue reading Study in composing values #4

Study in composing values #3

Gotta stand way back to tell what's going on in this one When I chose this photo to work from for my next study in composing values (another that Dianne provides with her lesson), I thought it might be easier than the sunflowers one I did last time. It was and it wasn't…the shapes were… Continue reading Study in composing values #3

Study in composing values #2

Continuing my series of studies in composing values with a cluster of sunflowers as the subject. This is the most complex image I've painted so far. After blocking in the shadow and light families I felt pretty wiped out, and took a break until the next day. I've always been a Power Through! type, whether… Continue reading Study in composing values #2