Value study 6 (3-A-Week Challenge)

10x8 values study I'm wrapping up this series of studies focusing on values with a reference photo from our Grand Teton/Yellowstone trip. I'm pretty happy with how the water and trees are looking, but I felt pretty stuck on the big areas of rock. The main problem I had was uncertainty about simplifying the colors… Continue reading Value study 6 (3-A-Week Challenge)

Value study 5 (3-A-Week Challenge)

8x10 values study This values study is based on a photo I took at a local nature preserve over the summer. It's a place that I'd love to go back to and paint on location, now that the weather is cooling off. When I was there scouting the preserve as a potential plein air spot,… Continue reading Value study 5 (3-A-Week Challenge)

Value study 4 (3-A-Week Challenge)

10x8 values study For this study I chose a photo from our Grand Teton National Park trip that had strong value contrast between the trees/reflection and ground/distant mountain. While value was my main focus of the painting, I did spend more time planning out how I want the eye to travel around it than I… Continue reading Value study 4 (3-A-Week Challenge)

Value study 3 (3-A-Week Challenge)

10x8 study of values I'm continuing to focus on values with my 3-A-Week Challenge, as a part of my online study with Matt Smith. I like the way he breaks his course down into four main fundamentals of drawing, value, design, and color. I chose a photo from our Zion National Park trip a few… Continue reading Value study 3 (3-A-Week Challenge)

Value study 2 (3-A-Week Challenge)

8x10 study of values My focus with this painting was value, and I chose this reference photo from a set that Matt Smith provided with his online mentorship program. I thought it was a good example of strong contrast, with the dark trees sandwiched between the light foreground and background. I like the way the… Continue reading Value study 2 (3-A-Week Challenge)