preppy Kindle 3 sleeve

Flannel and Navy Kindle Sleeve

Building off of my iPad sleeve project, I customized this Kindle sleeve for my Kindle 3 by adjusting the pattern piece dimensions and rounding the button tab. I also used the lining fabric for the inside of the button flap to add a nice contrast on that piece. When choosing the fabric combo from my stash for this project, I was inspired by these images of classic outdoorsy preppy styles:

knitted space invaders kindle cozy

Space Invaders Fair Isle Kindle Cozy

A friend recently asked me if I’d like to make a cover for his new Kindle. Um, yes! He liked the green houndstooth Fair Isle sleeve I’d made for my husband, and likes red and black. Other than that, he was pretty open. So I suggested a few directions, including a video game theme because he’s a big gamer, and he selected a Space Invaders theme. I would have enjoyed making any of the ideas, but I was particularly excited to do something unconventional like Space Invaders. This project was a great learning experience. The first yarn I bought was way…

houndstooth kindle cozy

Green argyle Fair Isle Kindle cozy

This is basically a sock for a Kindle, and is my first Fair Isle project. The houndstooth stitch pattern is from Super Stitches Knitting. It was a really good stitch pattern to start with because it’s a simple one at just 4 stitches. I love this houndstooth pattern, and will probably make something else with it at this point. The yarn is Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima, which is 100% cotton. I learned that cotton is tricky with Fair Isle because it doesn’t have the stretch and give that a wool yarn has. While it technically fits around the Kindle, it’s not stretchy enough to…