Solving life’s little problems

Among our we-just-adopted-a-dog supply run was a pouch to hold clean-up bags. And it wasn’t good. So I set out to design a better solution and created this little Dopp-kit-like zip pouch. It’s so much nicer to use and I’m always prepared at walk time. When something doesn’t work, I like to fix it. That’s how the Road Trip Leash Pouch was born. Check out the leash pouches available in my shop >

Ivy League Classics Tailored Dog Jackets |

The Tailored Dog Jacket from the Ivy League Classics collection

Every time I finish making a Tailored Dog Jacket, I feel a rush. Both because finishing one is a big milestone (in case you missed it, you can read more about what goes into the designing and the making of the jacket) and because I can picture how cute it would be on a little dog :) Feeling nostalgic Do you ever get nostalgic about the things we lose as a society as we progress? I’ve been suffering from that feeling. Over the years, as manufacturing has become fast and cheap, the things we bring into our lives have shifted…