I finally get the value of value studies

I'm obsessed with artist Carol Marine's book, Daily Painting: Paint Small and Often to Become a More Creative, Productive, and Successful Artist (read my review here). One of the things she mentions in it is that getting values right is the biggest thing she has to help her students with. It's one of the things I'm… Continue reading I finally get the value of value studies

Loose and sketchy watercolor flowers

sketchbook - ink and watercolor wash sketch of a vase of flowers

After watching a recent Draw Tip Tuesday video on pen control, I was inspired to draw a vase of flowers by loosely holding the pen at the end away from the tip. I started the sketch by roughly doing a single-line contour drawing, lifting the pen only a few times to reset. I knew I was… Continue reading Loose and sketchy watercolor flowers

Watercolor and ink flora of the Redwood forest

ink and watercolor flora from the Redwood forest 4

Our summer vacation amongst the Redwoods gave me much-appreciated space and time to play with watercolors. I could have sat for hours and hours experimenting with color blending. Actually, I guess I did sit for hours and hours doing just that. It was interesting to get familiar with the feeling of different blending techniques, and by… Continue reading Watercolor and ink flora of the Redwood forest