Carefree wildflower garden illustration

Yesterday I felt really inspired by artists like Carolyn Gavin and Amarilys Henderson. Flowers aren't my favorite subject to paint, but there's no denying that sometimes it's the best thing in the world to sit down with no agenda other than to play with color and make satisfying brush strokes. Florals lend themselves well to… Continue reading Carefree wildflower garden illustration

Hand painted greeting cards

When two friends announced that they were each pregnant I wanted to send them cards to congratulate them on the good news. I used the opportunity to make them something personal while also working on my illustration skills.A trio of potted succulents: mom, dad, and babyI love the fresh and casual look of a simple… Continue reading Hand painted greeting cards

Art, again

Can't get enough of the art supplies! My favorite right now is watercolor (I really like Daniel Smith), but I also recently discovered the joy of simple colored pencils (Polychromos, after much research and internal debate)When I started college, I knew I would major in Art. When it came time to pick a specific focus… Continue reading Art, again

Drawing cute animals

Cute drawings of turtle and otters

While in the book store looking for some serious illustration inspiration, I ran across a book by Sachiko Umoto called Illustration School: Let's Draw Cute Animals. It was the opposite of serious, and it turned out to be exactly what I needed. I sketched these in pencil first, then went back over with ink and… Continue reading Drawing cute animals