Making the Pocket Critter Interactive Dog Toy

When I set out to design the Pocket Critter Toy, I zeroed in on creating something that would give dogs a mental challenge — a problem to solve — in order to get a treat. Rather than handing a dog a biscuit for sitting, with this toy the dog would have to nose around until they discovered the treats, then figure out how to get the treats out. The timeless-yet-cuddly materials I wanted the interactive toy to be soft and cuddly. So with this in mind, I focused on choosing fabrics that would be thick and strong yet soft and…

Making the Tailored Dog Jacket

Making the Tailored Dog Jacket is truly a labor of love. Which is fitting, because I’m on a mission to help more pets feel loved. After the designing phase (a previous blog post in case you missed it) of the jacket comes the making phase. This is where I get to obsess over every cut, stitch, thread, and press. The materials The making process really begins with choosing good sport jacket options at the thrift store. I look for 100% wool or cotton, minimal wear and tear, and patterns that look classic and timeless (not tacky or trendy). The natural…

Herringbone collar detail

For this small dog jacket, I used a heavy cotton herringbone fabric reclaimed from a men’s sport jacket. I love the way the brown, black, and ivory herringbone pattern goes with the simple blue chambray — it’s polished yet casual. And the buttons are handstitched on so they don’t fall off like those on cheap factory-made clothing tend to do.

Handstitched, because I care

My favorite part of the Tailored Dog Jacket is the hand-stitched collar band because it’s such a clean finish. It’s not fast, but it’s worth it. After the collar is sewn on one side by machine (this is what attaches it to the jacket body), I fold it over and stitch down the back by hand. I’m inspired by traditional tailoring and the care tailors have historically made things with.