Old-school metal buckle dog collars

It's been a lot of fun creating these new dog collars! When I set out to make collars, I knew that a traditional metal buckle would be part of the plan. The typical plastic snap buckles have their place and purpose, but I was getting tired of how much they hurt my fingers to use and… Continue reading Old-school metal buckle dog collars

Dog collars in progress

My first small batch of dog collars is just about ready, and I'm really enjoying how crisp and refined they're looking (and feeling). I made some improvements to my original prototype, including making them thicker and more substantial, and doubling up on my topstitching thread for a more striking accent along the top. One of the… Continue reading Dog collars in progress

Dog collar design development

Often times when people see my handmade dog accessories they ask if I make collars. So my latest product in development is… a collar! Since I'm a fan of classic design, I wanted my collar to have classic metal tongue-style buckles, with metal grommet size holes. And for the strap fabric, I'm testing out a… Continue reading Dog collar design development

Teaching a sewing class

There are many things I'm enthusiastic about in the new year, and near the top of the list is teaching. I've always loved learning, and now I get to share with others that awesome feeling of learning something new. My first class is a two-part workshop where students will learn how to design a one-of-a-kind… Continue reading Teaching a sewing class

Hello, snaps

I like the clean look of metal snaps, and their utilitarian aesthetic. But they're not something I've yet used in my projects. Well, maybe one or two times on personal projects, with poor tools and unsatisfactory results. For a new jacket design I'm working on, I'd like to use a few snaps in place of… Continue reading Hello, snaps