Custom Basset Hound portrait

Hunk the Basset Hound custom hand drawn portrait - featured

"Hunk" 8x10 colored pencil, watercolor, and gouache on watercolor paper I had a few projects come up toward the end of the summer that kept be really busy with non-landscape painting — including this custom portrait drawing of Hunk the Basset Hound. I fell head-over-heels for Hunk! The way his mom described his personality as… Continue reading Custom Basset Hound portrait

Dog portrait drawing of Sparky the playful Australian Shepherd-Border Collie mix

I got a nice surprise when Meredith reached out to me to see if I'd like to work on a portrait of her dad's dog. She loved the one her husband had commissioned me to do of their own dog, Ross, and wanted to give her dad the portrait for his upcoming birthday. Sparky is… Continue reading Dog portrait drawing of Sparky the playful Australian Shepherd-Border Collie mix

Gouache sketch of a French Bulldog

I'm still not in love with this grey toned sketchbook, but it's pretty good for gouache. It seems to help me get a full value range with the opaque media. But I don't really like it for sketching with pencil because it's too hard to see the lines. The paper is also quite smooth, and… Continue reading Gouache sketch of a French Bulldog

Sketchbook portraits of cute dogs in gouache and acrylic

As a big believer in the power of daily sketchbook exploration, I'm doing a mini-challenge of painting dogs in a variety of media. Partially to get better at drawing and painting dogs, but also as a vehicle for playing with different materials.Four small dog portrait sketches in acrylic (upper left) and gouache (the other three)This… Continue reading Sketchbook portraits of cute dogs in gouache and acrylic

First day plein air painting

My gouache sketch along the Neuse River Trail in RaleighWell, you gotta start somewhere! My first plein air painting is under my belt and it feels great. The sketch is rough, with lots of room for improvement, but I'm so happy I got out there and finished one.View of the area I chose to paintI… Continue reading First day plein air painting