Handcrafted Christmas gifts 2018

pencil pouch in navy blue waxed canvas with jeans gold topstitching and leather trim

I've been in the process of shifting my business Oxford Dogma from hand sewn products to artwork, including custom pet portraits. One of my goals with this change is to put sewing back on my hobbies list to do for enjoyment instead of for income. This got me totally enthusiastic to sew Christmas gifts again!… Continue reading Handcrafted Christmas gifts 2018

Handy Coloring Organizer

handy coloring organizer paper pockets

Recently I became obsessed with the idea of designing and sewing a portable art case for kids, to hold paper, coloring books, pencils, markers, and crayons. After some sketching, I turned the idea into a pattern and made a muslin version of it. And that's the moment it was clear that my rudimentary sewing skills were holding… Continue reading Handy Coloring Organizer

Customized Graphic Tea Towels

set of monogram and graphic tea towels

This week I wanted to make some gifts for friends who both happen to be getting into cooking more, so some custom-designed kitchen towels sounded like a fun idea. I brainstormed a variety of approaches, but one of my requirements was that the fabric be absorbent. Non-absorbent kitchen towels are super annoying. At the fabric store, I didn't… Continue reading Customized Graphic Tea Towels