Designing the Pocket Critter interactive dog toy

When we got the DNA test results for our dog, Pipsqueak, we learned she’s part Jack Russell Terrier. And terriers like to participate in earthdog trials, where they use their keen sense of smell to hunt down little rodents (typically a rat in the trials). This fascinated me to no end, but our dog is shy and likes to stick close to home. So when she snatched up a little stuffed javelina toy that had tumbled onto the floor one day, we were delighted. To her, it looked like a little rodent — her terrier instincts were kicking in! We…

Pop-up shop success

Last weekend I participated in my first pop-up shop at the 2015 Method + Madness conference, as a part of Phoenix Design Week. It was a fantastic experience, especially because I was a graphic designer for 16 years and this was my community. Everyone was so supportive and excited to see what I’ve been working on, and I’m so glad I hustled my way to being ready for it. I had decided recently that it would be fun to participate in some sort of arts and crafts show or farmer’s market, but didn’t expect to be doing one so soon….