Dog collars in progress

My first small batch of dog collars is just about ready, and I'm really enjoying how crisp and refined they're looking (and feeling). I made some improvements to my original prototype, including making them thicker and more substantial, and doubling up on my topstitching thread for a more striking accent along the top. One of the… Continue reading Dog collars in progress

Dog collar design development

Often times when people see my handmade dog accessories they ask if I make collars. So my latest product in development is… a collar! Since I'm a fan of classic design, I wanted my collar to have classic metal tongue-style buckles, with metal grommet size holes. And for the strap fabric, I'm testing out a… Continue reading Dog collar design development

Designing the Pocket Critter interactive dog toy

When we got the DNA test results for our dog, Pipsqueak, we learned she's part Jack Russell Terrier. And terriers like to participate in earthdog trials, where they use their keen sense of smell to hunt down little rodents (typically a rat in the trials). This fascinated me to no end, but our dog is… Continue reading Designing the Pocket Critter interactive dog toy

Preparing for PechaKucha Night Phoenix 2015

On Friday, October 16th, 2015, I'll be one of the speakers at the PechaKucha Night Phoenix. It's kicking off Phoenix Design Week 2015 and will be held at The Duce in downtown Phoenix. PechaKucha is a quick presentation of 20 slides that automatically change to the next slide after 20 seconds. The idea is that… Continue reading Preparing for PechaKucha Night Phoenix 2015