Sketches of potted succulents

little ink and watercolor sketches of potted succulents

During my daily drawing practice I discovered how fun it is draw little sketches of potted succulents, especially with a dip pen. I like using this subject as a way to explore hatching with the dip pen. It has a really satisfying scratching quality on the paper. Adding quick watercolor washes to these little sketches… Continue reading Sketches of potted succulents

Daily drawings from summer vacation 2016

daily drawings from summer 2016 vacation at a cabin in northern CA

For years, I've set occasional intentions to draw more but have never stuck with it (see: drawing cute animals from… several years ago). I tend to put too much pressure on it, believing that the drawings needed to be more significant, polished, or special than I could maintain. I also just thought I wasn't good enough at it. So… Continue reading Daily drawings from summer vacation 2016