Wrap-up of 30 Days of Value Thumbnails challenge

Studying value structures and composition with simple shapes, mostly from photos but a few plein air in the mixMy 30-day Value Thumbnail challenge is complete! I've loved this project for so many reasons.Developing the habit of doing thumbnails to quickly see the strengths and weaknesses of the compositionGreat practice for breaking a complex subject down… Continue reading Wrap-up of 30 Days of Value Thumbnails challenge

Color study of a mountain stream, take 2

"Cool and Crisp 2" 6x8 oil on canvas panel I painted this same scene in my last color study, and once it was complete I saw potential for different approaches to the same subject. I reworked the thumbnail sketch and value structure, and chose an entirely different color palette. I'm so much happier with this… Continue reading Color study of a mountain stream, take 2

Analogous Complementary color scheme study

"Cool and Crisp" 6x8 oil on panelI've been scouring my landscape photos for more interesting compositions — something other than the horizontal bands I found myself repeating lately. This scene was from a photo I took at the Grand Tetons National Park. It's Schwabachers Landing, a peaceful wildlife habitat that's a popular photography spot. Our… Continue reading Analogous Complementary color scheme study

Square tetrad color scheme study

"Blue Ridge Vista" 6x8 oil on canvas panelLast fall we camped in Boone, NC, and drove along the Blue Ridge Parkway. We were a bit too early for the full colors of autumn, but things were just starting to turn. We stopped along the road and I snapped a photo of the Blue Ridge Mountains… Continue reading Square tetrad color scheme study

Painting with a tertiary triadic color scheme

"Secret Light" 6x8 oil on panel After doing my series of two-color studies of this scene, I wanted to take it to a finished painting. But instead of just two colors I selected a three-color palette: a tertiary triadic scheme made of yellow orange, blue green, and red violet. The paints I chose were yellow… Continue reading Painting with a tertiary triadic color scheme