Day 16 of notans

Notan sketches of trees in the parkI'm interested in the challenge of making a grouping of trees into an interesting pattern of light and dark shapes. So for this set of notans I explored enhancing the diagonal paths that I saw suggested in the photo. There's also a nice rhythm of the tree shapes moving… Continue reading Day 16 of notans

Day 15 of notans

Notan sketches of a farm structure at a local parkThe late afternoon sun was creating some interesting shadows in this scene that I thought would work well for a notan study. I like the combination of structured form (the building) and organic form (the trees), along with the linear perspective lines of the shadows raking… Continue reading Day 15 of notans

Day 14 of notans

Notan sketches of a grouping of treesI was curious to see what would happen if I chose a reference photo with overhanging tree branches in the foreground. I like how it activates the sky area, but I'm not sure whether it would actually read as foreground leaves in a painting. Another option would be to… Continue reading Day 14 of notans

Day 13 of notans

Notan sketches of a local nature preserveToday I did my notan sketches a bit differently than before by putting the reference photo under my drawing areas. This made the drawing part go more quickly and gave me more time to consider the dark/light balance. Working directly over the image like this isn't my ultimate goal,… Continue reading Day 13 of notans

Day 12 of notans

Notan sketches of a country road with a farm structureThere was a lot going on in the photo I chose for today's notan sketches! It overwhelmed me to try to make quick decisions about what to include and what might work as a center of interest. But one of the best things I'm learning with… Continue reading Day 12 of notans