Mug study in green Polychromos colored pencils

I'm having that feeling like I'm running out of ways to use the colored pencils for these mug studies. I think that means I need to play more and allow myself to explore or warm up before starting the timer. Or maybe I play and explore while the timer is running! I guess these don't… Continue reading Mug study in green Polychromos colored pencils

Hatched colored pencil mug study

With today's sketch, I was hoping to capture the essence of the white mug with gestural lines and expressive hatching lines. I'd love to be able to make sketches that look spontaneous, like I was moving more of my body when drawing instead of staying close and tight to the paper.I'm not there yet —… Continue reading Hatched colored pencil mug study

Day 50: Colored pencil mug on a toned gesso background

Yesterday it occurred to me that it might be cool to put down a tinted gesso background in my sketchbook to use my colored pencils on for this week's mug studies. I wanted to see how working with my white Polychromos would go on gesso.It turns out it's kind of like drawing on sandpaper —… Continue reading Day 50: Colored pencil mug on a toned gesso background

Colored pencil mug in browns and greens

For today's 30-minute sketchbook project I used a bird's eye view of my simple white mug and used colored pencils (in color this time, not just black). I went a little crazy buying earth tone Polychromos pencils, so used browns for the shading on the mug. For the background, to help it recede from the… Continue reading Colored pencil mug in browns and greens

Meetups are hard for an introvert, but worth it

I've been thinking lately about meetups and how I go through seasons where I get myself out to a lot of them, and seasons where I stay quiet and focused in my office. One of the big reasons I haven't been going to many this year is the simple fact of being busy. I have… Continue reading Meetups are hard for an introvert, but worth it