Custom Basset Hound portrait

Hunk the Basset Hound custom hand drawn portrait - featured

"Hunk" 8x10 colored pencil, watercolor, and gouache on watercolor paper I had a few projects come up toward the end of the summer that kept be really busy with non-landscape painting — including this custom portrait drawing of Hunk the Basset Hound. I fell head-over-heels for Hunk! The way his mom described his personality as… Continue reading Custom Basset Hound portrait

Colored pencil chipmunk face

I enjoyed drawing the bunny face with colored pencils the other day, and wanted to do something similar with a different subject. But not so different that it would be a total shift from the bunny and a whole bunch of new things to extrapolate. This cute chipmunk fit the bill. Plus the little guy… Continue reading Colored pencil chipmunk face

Drawing fur with colored pencils practice

I finally finished reading Drawing and Painting Animals: Problems and Solutions by Trudy Friend and am all excited to practice drawing and painting fur. I found the book totally inspiring and am impressed with how much the artist put into it. It's formatted so that on the left page there's a typical animal drawing or painting, and common… Continue reading Drawing fur with colored pencils practice

Exploring different styles of illustrating Dachshunds

One of my goals for this year is to explore many different illustration approaches and media. Since I love my dogs so much I chose one of them, a Dachshund, as inspiration for a bunch of these sketches. I'd like to eventually add more styles to the custom pet portraits I create for my pet… Continue reading Exploring different styles of illustrating Dachshunds

Loose and gestural colored pencil mug

After a week of careful studies of a white mug, I changed things up today. Instead of drawing from a photo, I drew the mug as it was actually sitting in front of me. And I also loosened the marks up a lot, going for a general sense of the light and shadow vs. a… Continue reading Loose and gestural colored pencil mug