Study of landscape in low key light

low key light study oil painting - featured

Overcast days are common here in North Carolina, and I'm drawn to the quiet moodiness of the low key light when the sun is hidden by clouds. But so much of the teaching I've followed has been about how to address brightly-lit landscapes. That's one of the big things that Impressionists often capture — the… Continue reading Study of landscape in low key light

Limited palette color study

"Early Summer Serenity", 8x10.5, oil on canvas panelAfter a couple of weeks away from my easel, I was itching to get some painting in today. I've been doing more sketching and working on engaging my right brain during the process, which makes me enjoy it much more. My favorite way to sketch these days is… Continue reading Limited palette color study

Limited palette color mixing study

Limited palette color study, 5 1/2 x 7, oil on canvas A couple of months ago I purchased one of Barbara Jaenicke's excellent monthly lessons that was about color mixing for oils. It also included color palette selection for soft pastels which was great because I could see her thought process on both mediums as… Continue reading Limited palette color mixing study

What heat advisory?

Painting outdoors at the Durant Nature Preserve pondI was all set to spend a few full days painting outdoors, but the weather isn't cooperating. So I'm shooting for a few quick morning outings instead. I wish I'd picked a closer spot this morning because it took about 25 minutes just to get to the location,… Continue reading What heat advisory?

Wrap-up of 30 Days of Value Thumbnails challenge

Studying value structures and composition with simple shapes, mostly from photos but a few plein air in the mixMy 30-day Value Thumbnail challenge is complete! I've loved this project for so many reasons.Developing the habit of doing thumbnails to quickly see the strengths and weaknesses of the compositionGreat practice for breaking a complex subject down… Continue reading Wrap-up of 30 Days of Value Thumbnails challenge