Daily art – watercolor floral arrangement

from Instagram: Since it’s December I chose a winter flower arrangement as the inspiration this one. Some of the lines got a little heavy but I love the color blending from the wet on wet painting! I also love this paper so much better than others I’ve used ❤️ #watercolor #fabrianopaper #watercolorflorals #wintermood #skillshare @watercolordevo

ink and watercolor wash - box of colorful macarons

Painting highlights with watercolors

I’m working on finding a good balance of painted areas and unpainted areas with my ink and watercolor sketches. It’s becoming more clear that in order to achieve a sketch that has a fresh and spontaneous quality to it, it takes more white areas than what strictly looks like a highlight. With this box of macarons drawn from a photo, I kept the bright areas of the macarons unpainted. The liner in the box that they’re packaged in got a very light wash of color in the bright areas. Another skill I’m working on improving is the shape of color the brush lays…

Painting Watercolors (First Steps) by Cathy Johnson - moving water exercise

Watercolor lessons from Cathy Johnson

Part of learning how to paint with watercolors is about just doing it and getting familiar with the tools, but I also love learning from experts. I treated myself to two books (print versions, not Kindle version) by Cathy Johnson — Painting Watercolors (First Steps) and Creating Textures in Watercolor. Her loose, confident, and sketch-like style is what I’d like to get to with my own skills. By following her examples, I hope to learn what it feels like to emulate her style as a way to develop my own. One thing I’m struggling with is being patient enough to let the…