Creamy Vegetable Pasta Bake with lots of green veggies

creamy vegetable pasta bake with lots of green veggies

I so enjoyed the Creamy Vegetable Pasta Bake I made recently, both because it was delicious and because I could pull a serving out of the freezer and have an instant warm meal. When it was gone, I didn't imagine making it again so soon, but it's a great way to use 4 cups of… Continue reading Creamy Vegetable Pasta Bake with lots of green veggies

Disappearing breadsticks

For Christmas this year we decided to make pizzas using those bags of grocery store pizza dough. There was an extra bag, with garlic and herbs mixed into the dough, that we used for cheesy breadsticks. For the recipe, I followed Easy Cheesy Breadsticks from with some small adjustments, and holy cow, were they… Continue reading Disappearing breadsticks