Oxford Dogma Brand Development and Collateral

Oxford Dogma branding image

Starting a handmade business is a sizable investment, and I'm grateful to have the skills to create the brand strategy and implement it myself! Setting the foundation I started the branding process by solidifying the Oxford Dogma purpose, values, and style keywords. Purpose For all pets to feel loved Values balance conscientiousness dependability details sincerity… Continue reading Oxford Dogma Brand Development and Collateral

Arizona Artisans Collective Logo and Branding

Arizona Artisans Collective logo concept

In the summer of 2016, an Arizona-based artisan decided to form an organization specifically for Arizona makers and artists — Arizona Artisans Collective. When I received an invitation to join the community and help shape the direction of the collective, I jumped at the chance to participate. As it turns out, many of the participants were in the first year… Continue reading Arizona Artisans Collective Logo and Branding