Hand-lettered Seinfeld Chronicles: chicken supernova

Hand lettered Seinfeld quote - chicken supernova

To continue my hand lettering practice, I drew this Seinfeld phrase, "Chicken supernova", with a combination of bounce letters and faux calligraphy. It's such a goofy combination of words that makes me crack up every time I hear it. Season 8, episode 8 "The Chicken Roaster" TOOLS Micron pens

Watercolor lettering practice: Pipsqueak!

Pipsqueak watercolor bounce lettering with 2-color blend

I started my bounce and brush lettering practice with "bosco", one of our dogs, because it's nice and short. Now it's Pipsqueak's turn. I'm working on my watercolor lettering, and for this one I used a regular brush and three watercolor colors blended with a gradient effect. Tools size 4 watercolor brush tube watercolor

Hand lettering practice: peanut butter and chocolate

peanut butter and chocolate ink hand lettering with bounce

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give peanut butter + chocolate a 27. So I did a little hand lettered version of the delightful duo, with bounce letters and a faux calligraphy effect. The flourishy little "and" was fun — I'd like to practice that type effect more. Tools Micron pen