Daily art – classic sweaters

from Instagram: I’m trying to work more color into my wardrobe, and a deep green is one I’d love to try. But I still want my Breton stripes, too ❤

#sketch #watercolor #inkandwatercolor #drawing #draw #drawingoftheday #illustration #hotpress #danielsmith #fashionillustration http://ift.tt/2kf3v3O

Daily art – pumpernickel sandwich

from Instagram: It’s always a good day when the @kingarthurflour catalog arrives. This sandwich on pumpernickel caught my eye as a fun sketching subject — or eating subject for that matter! http://ift.tt/2jPyJis

Daily art – watercolor wreath

from Instagram: Today my parents celebrate 42 years of marriage. Their loving, committed partnership and support and enthusiasm for whatever their kids do is an inspiration ❤ #happyanniversary http://ift.tt/2hX9HgF