French Bulldog study in acrylic using Zorn palette

French Bulldog acrylic sketch using Zorn palette An odd thing has happened now that I have oil painting supplies in my studio: I feel released to play more with my acrylics and be less concerned about being as economical as I can with them. It’s liberating! After finally making my Zorn acrylic color chart, I wanted to try painting something with it. I found this image of a French Bulldog and the colors looked like they’d translate very well. I started by doing a thumbnail sketch to get familiar with the shapes and values. In addition to trying out this…

Sketching animal faces: fox

There are elements from today’s animal sketch of a fox face that I like, but there are definitely some areas that I’m unhappy with. The shapes of the nose and mouth area are off, and the eyes are too heavy. I can see that those are the areas I fussed with the most and they didn’t improve much the more I fussed! Reference image from Pixabay The water soluble graphite would be best put back in the drawer for the time being while I focus on one thing at a time, lol. My favorite animal sketch from this week’s project…

Sketching animal faces: cow

Reference image from Pixabay What is it about cows that are so delightful to draw or paint? I think it’s the chunky features, and those ears. Something about the way the ears come off the side of the head like that…I also really like the way shadows fall on them, being outdoors in the sun and all. I included a bit of simple shading on this sketch to suggest the form. I pulled out my little handbook travelogue sketchbook for this one. It’s one I had put away awhile back, and during the move totally forgot I even had it….

Sketching animal faces: bunny

For today’s animal face sketch I chose a bunny because I wanted to practice their large ears and eye shape that’s very different from a cat or dog. Plus they’re just adorable. Reference image from Pixabay I approached suggesting fur and shadow in the same way as yesterday’s cat, but it wasn’t quite working as well. The loopy squiggles weren’t consistent with the fur on the bunny, so I erased many of them and went for shorter and straighter lines instead. I also erased out most of the initial sketch lines of the contour — they were really fighting with…

Sketching animal faces: cat

I had a lot more success with today’s sketch — both in the time it took and how it looks. I like the looseness of it and as I sketched I imagined what it might be like to paint in the fur. Reference image from Pixabay This grey toned sketchbook paper is nice for these studies because it helps take away the intimidation of a white page. It’s the same idea as toning a canvas before painting.