Seven deadly sins illustration project

Since I’ve been developing my illustration skills for several years on and off, I figured it was high time to take a class to give me another illustrator’s perspective and learn some new things. I signed up for a great class on Skillshare called Unifying an Illustration Series: Stylization Through Simplification. The object of the class was to illustrate two of the seven deadly sins, using a Vespa scooter as additional inspiration. We began with mind maps, mapping a sin and the Vespa separately, then chose a concept that joined at least one element from each map. Slothy Snail My mind…

Cute drawings of turtle and otters

Drawing cute animals

While in the book store looking for some serious illustration inspiration, I ran across a book by Sachiko Umoto called Illustration School: Let’s Draw Cute Animals. It was the opposite of serious, and it turned out to be exactly what I needed. I sketched these in pencil first, then went back over with ink and erased the pencil lines.