Art journal play: Brushstrokes

Art journal prompt: BrushstrokesThe Day 13 creative prompt was Brushstrokes. This is actually the second one I did for this theme. For the first one I used watercolor in a mixed media sketchbook, and I'm too spoiled by nice watercolor paper to like how that one turned out. But the concept was good — I… Continue reading Art journal play: Brushstrokes

Art journal play: Color Background

Art journal prompt: Color BackgroundThe Day 4 creative prompt was Color Background. Wendy suggested choosing a color you don't typically use and I thought that sounded like a cool challenge. I mixed up a mid-value red-violet, a color I have pretty much no love for. And the fun part came with choosing the colors to use… Continue reading Art journal play: Color Background

Sketchbook portraits of cute dogs in gouache and acrylic

As a big believer in the power of daily sketchbook exploration, I'm doing a mini-challenge of painting dogs in a variety of media. Partially to get better at drawing and painting dogs, but also as a vehicle for playing with different materials.Four small dog portrait sketches in acrylic (upper left) and gouache (the other three)This… Continue reading Sketchbook portraits of cute dogs in gouache and acrylic

100 Starts – numbers 11-20

Continuing my 100 Starts, based on Kevin Macpherson's prompt… Days 11-20 of the "100 Starts" exercise, painted in acrylics from 11-17 and oil 18-20 Numbers 1-10 Number 11 notes I added two new things to the way I do this exercise: used multiple brushes (one for lights, one for shadows, and one for the first… Continue reading 100 Starts – numbers 11-20

100 Starts – Kevin Macpherson prompt

The down side to being a book lover is that I tend read them one after another without pause. With novels this is no big deal. But with art instruction books it's not very effective to blow past them like that. Especially when there's so much valuable content and fantastic advice in them. When I… Continue reading 100 Starts – Kevin Macpherson prompt