Recipe wishlist

I’m particularly interested in baking things you’d find in a bake shop. A visit to Paris left me fascinated with their boulangeries and patisseries. Everything found in these shops is a delight to eat, but typically made with white flour. At home I avoid the processed white flour and prefer the health benefits of baking with whole grains. My goal is to prepare these items with whole grain flour milled at home and see what kind of results I can get.


Cakes, cupcakes, and muffins


Tarts and pies



Spice rack challenge

I’d like to make a serious dent in my mountain of spices before they become worthless (tasteless). Sea salt and pepper get used at a good pace, but almost all the rest get used in such small quantities or so rarely that the “best by” date comes long before the bottom of the jar.

The first step is to inventory my herbs, spices, and seasonings so I know what I have to work with. Then comes intentionally planning meals that incorporate some of them, which works great for the rest of the pantry.

My favorite spice blend recipes are collected here.