Straight-line block-in practice day 4

Today’s subject of a banana was more complex to draw than the previous days’ fruits. I really wanted to get the inner and outer curves accurate, and the proportion of the stem compared to the main part of the fruit. Tomorrow I’ll select two things to draw so I can work on the relationship between … Continue reading Straight-line block-in practice day 4

Straight-line block-in practice Day 3

One of the things I especially like about the straight-line block-in exercise for my class is that it forces me to slow down and really look at the subject. By drawing it three time — starting generally and getting more specific — it helps me make fewer assumptions and study the form more. After three … Continue reading Straight-line block-in practice Day 3

Straight-line block-in practice Day 1

Today I begin the ten day exercise of 4-step straight-line block-ins from life for my Sadie Valerie Online Atelier training. The idea is to warm up with a Bargue plate then switch to a simple object drawn from life. The first step is to envelope, step two is to repeat the envelope and carve out … Continue reading Straight-line block-in practice Day 1