About me

I’m a student and maker with an enthusiasm for blending creativity and practicality. I follow my interests by digging deep, absorbing whatever I learn about them, and putting what I learn to use.

My current pursuits

My days are currently filled with being a student in the MAC Program at NC State. In an effort to bring harmony to my life, I also spend time on painting and illustration projects, baking, sewing, self-care, and being a dog mom to two adorable (but high-maintenance) rescues.

A bit of background

I started this blog in early 2014, around the time I started my career break. As a trained graphic designer, I spent sixteen years working my way from print design (web design wasn’t a thing when yet at my university), brand development, website design and development, to experience design. My path was a successful one, but I was feeling burned out and in serious need of something new.

After several months of exploring homesteading, indulging my nostalgic tendencies, digging into nutrition, and baking my heart out — love baking! — I rediscovered some of my old hobbies like knitting and sewing. And with the much-appreciated support of my husband, I started to imagine what it would be like to do one of those things for a living.

In early 2015 I began working in earnest on improving my sewing skills, learning pattern design, and getting some serious sewing time in. I created Oxford Dogma as a place to combine many of my passions: pets + learning + design + making

In 2016 I reconnected with my love for art, discovering the joys of watercolor and daily drawing. Then in mid-2017 I decided to improve my drawing and painting skills, and started blogging about my experiences.

In 2017 I turned what I learned about grinding whole grain wheat flour and baking with it into a book called the Grain Mill Baking Get-Started Guide: Recipes and Techniques for Confident Whole Grain BakingI would love for more people to discover how delicious homemade flour is, but it’s not easy to convert a lot of recipes to this type of flour. I filled this book with tips and basic, go-to recipes to help bakers get some whole grain “wins” and feel confident to experiment more. I have lots of posts about using a grain mill to bake delicious things at grainmillbaking.com.

In 2019 I turned a curiosity about the idea of being a virtual assistant into a full-fledged pursuit. It’s something I’d been circling around for a few years, and finally got inspired to give it a go. I loved this work because it was a good blend of my skills and talents. My big goal was to help increase their focus on high-value work (Deep Work by Cal Newport has been hugely influential in my approach).

After the COVID-19 pandemic that begin in early 2020, I made a big shift in my focus and became a graduate student at NC State. I’m studying Accounting and am developing an interest in risk assurance (auditing, internal controls, risk management).

I celebrate the intentional, structured, and methodical. Balance, cute animals, and chocolate + peanut butter make me happy.

If it’s not already obvious, I have lots of different interests! I read a fantastic book called Refuse to Choose that refers to this trait as being a “Scanner”. I’m a total Scanner. Exploring lots of different topics used to concern me, and I wondered why I couldn’t just stick with something for…forever. But the book completely changed that way of thinking and now I happily embrace this quality about myself. If you’ve had similar feelings I highly recommend you check it out!