spicy cheese and lentil pupusas

Spicy Lentil and Cheese Pupusas

The last bag of instant corn masa flour I bought for making corn tortillas included a recipe for gorditas, which got me curious about what else could be made with the instant masa. I discovered pupusas, which are masa pockets typically stuffed with cheese and something else. After some reading and a pantry check, I came up with a recipe for spicy, cheesy, lentil pupusas.

Grilled fish taco on corn tortilla

Grilled Fish Tacos

Recipe This recipe for Grilled Fish Tacos from Eating Well, modified it a bit to fit my tastes. I like to make my corn tortillas from scratch, using instant masa flour. After many batches of corn tortillas that break while eating, I’ve found great success with these instructions for fresh corn tortillas from Frieda Loves Bread. Process notes cut recipe in half, and stretched out the filling to fill 8 tacos used 3 teaspoons homemade chili powder in place of fish rub spices + salt and pepper used regular sour cream and mayonnaise instead of low fat versions used Mahi Mahi…