A taste of Costa Rica: homemade Lizano salsa

When we visited Costa Rica earlier this month, I didn't experience the region's favorite salsa, Lizano, until the second-to-last day there. After a sea kayaking excursion, we were treated to a wonderful lunch of casado as part of the package, and a mysterious brown sauce was on the table next to regular red salsa. I tried… Continue reading A taste of Costa Rica: homemade Lizano salsa

Pizzeria-style pizza sauce

When we decided to make homemade pizzas for Christmas dinner this year, I hunted for a good sauce recipe. I wanted it to be more like a typical American pizza sauce, like the kind from the delivery joints. I love the simplicity and purity of the crushed tomato sauce, but I knew these pizzas would be topped… Continue reading Pizzeria-style pizza sauce

Loaded pizzeria-like pizza sauce

Normally I make a very simple pizza sauce of lightly-pureed canned tomatoes and a dash of salt. Recently I wanted to shake things up and did some looking around for a new kind of sauce to make. I found some that were inspired by pizzeria sauces, which had many more ingredients than I usually use. Tomato… Continue reading Loaded pizzeria-like pizza sauce