homemade gingersnap granola in jars

Gingersnap granola

Recipe Adapted from Gingersnap Granola from budgetbytes.com Process notes omitted oat bran, almonds, and raisins baked at 350° for 30 min, stirring once Results This granola has a deep, sweet flavor. There’s something about adding milk to it that kicks it up to the next level. Next time I’d shorten the baking time a few minutes so it’s not so hard and crunchy.

slice of veggie-packed breakfast casserole

Veggie-packed Breakfast Casserole

My goal with creating this recipe was to have a hearty breakfast that requires no work to prepare in the morning — just a quick reheating in the microwave and it’s ready to go. I wanted it to be an easy, healthy choice for when time is short in the morning before heading out to work. I started drafting the recipe by listing all of the veggies that I know my husband and I both like and would be especially tasty for a morning meal. And I knew it would include eggs and cheese to tie it all together. I approached it sort of…

Breakfast quinoa

Breakfast Quinoa

Recently I watched the Creative Ways with Whole Grains course on Craftsy.com. This course really inspired me to branch out with how I cook with whole grains. There are so many good-looking recipes included in the course materials (one at the top of my list is Farro Risotto with Mushrooms). I had most of the ingredients needed for this Breakfast Quinoa. Instead of coconut milk, which I didn’t have, I used whole milk. It’s probably also delicious with the coconut milk. I mixed some raisins into my breakfast quinoa and topped it with sliced banana, the toasted coconut, and a bit of cream. It…