Wrap-up of one letter, 5 ways project

one letter 5 ways completed project illustrations

The 20 illustrated characters from my hand-lettering project One of my goals for this year is to complete a bunch of smaller creative projects with defined beginnings and endings (as opposed to a habit like "paint every day"). My thought is that I'll be able to experience a big variety of things, and none of… Continue reading Wrap-up of one letter, 5 ways project

One letter, 5 ways: R

one letter 5 ways - R

For the final set in this series of lettering illustrations, I chose the letter R with a mouse theme. Mice have been on my mind lately because it appears we have some living in the attic and I hear them scratching around. Plus, they're just very cute. I created a color palette based on a… Continue reading One letter, 5 ways: R

One letter, 5 ways: G

This group of lettering illustrations is based on the theme of garden. It was just a coincidence that I had selected the letter G before choosing the theme! I did a lot more exploring of my new Procreate brushes with these, and incorporated more color strategies. To me, each one was like doing a mini… Continue reading One letter, 5 ways: G

One letter, 5 ways: W

one letter 5 ways - W

For this set in my Procreate hand lettering project, I chose "W" and the theme of gentle. This time I brainstormed a list of words that I felt related to the idea of gentle, which helped me focus the styles to pursue. I love drawing variations on serif letters I tried a few new things… Continue reading One letter, 5 ways: W

One letter, 5 ways

one letter 5 ways - A

I'm starting a new creative challenge this month to expand my creativity with hand lettering. The project is based on choosing 4 different letters and drawing each one in 5 different styles. For each letter, I'll choose a theme to help provide some focus. Along the way, I hope to develop my hand lettering skills… Continue reading One letter, 5 ways