Quilt for Maks

quilt for Maks back flannel-featured

In November I got the quilting bug out of the blue. I started making quarter square triangle blocks for a new king-sized quilt project. And quickly realized that a king-sized quilt was going to be a loooooong haul. A smaller project would let me finishing something much sooner and feel that satisfaction of a finished… Continue reading Quilt for Maks

Handcrafted Christmas gifts 2018

pencil pouch in navy blue waxed canvas with jeans gold topstitching and leather trim

I've been in the process of shifting my business Oxford Dogma from hand sewn products to artwork, including custom pet portraits. One of my goals with this change is to put sewing back on my hobbies list to do for enjoyment instead of for income. This got me totally enthusiastic to sew Christmas gifts again!… Continue reading Handcrafted Christmas gifts 2018

Zip front jacket designed with Sure-Fit Designs Shirt Kit

When I cleaned out my closet and dresser a few months ago I discovered an old zip up jacket that had a broken zipper, frayed edges, and many stains. But I couldn't part with it — when I found it, it quickly became a staple again because it's so easy and comfortable. After completing the… Continue reading Zip front jacket designed with Sure-Fit Designs Shirt Kit

Classic striped tee designed with Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit

I have a serious love of striped tees. Since I prefer comfy clothes, I end up with a lot of tees (both long and short sleeve) and the stripes help add more personality than solid fabrics. Navy and soft white are my favorite pairing, and while I have plenty of those in my closet they… Continue reading Classic striped tee designed with Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit