Classic birthday cake

buttermilk layer cake with chocolate frosting

I'd love to have a yellow layer cake recipe in my list of go-to recipes -- those recipes that I know work, taste great, and don't demand great feats (or fancy ingredients) to make. I've made a couple of attempts at this classic (once as a small layer cake and cupcakes, and as mini vanilla cupcakes).… Continue reading Classic birthday cake

Vanilla and Gingerbread Swiss Buttercreams

vanilla and gingerbread buttercreams

Today I pulled some of the Whole Wheat Vanilla Mini Cupcakes out of the freezer to top with buttercream. Since it's that gingerbread-filled season between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I knew that some of them would be getting a gingerbread buttercream. After mixing up the recipe for buttercream, it felt a little criminal to do anything to change the… Continue reading Vanilla and Gingerbread Swiss Buttercreams

6-inch ginger spice apple cake

Ginger spice apple cake

When I read Flour: Spectacular Recipes from Boston's Flour Bakery + Cafe, the recipe for Apple Snacking Spice Cake jumped out at me as a must-make. I made an apple cake once before that was delicious, but didn't include the ginger and cloves. I cut the recipe in half in order to use my smaller 6-inch cake… Continue reading 6-inch ginger spice apple cake